River Trent 18th June 2018.


Laying on in November 2017.

Landed a 11.08 and 9lb Barbel and lost a giant the next cast.

Now the season has started ( I never go opening day, now I’m retired ) I have to decided which of the two species Chub, or Roach will give me my best chance of a fish or two today? I could’nt start until late afternoon, as my wife had a Doctors appointment just after lunch. But once she had returned the car was loaded, and I was off. All I’m taking bait wise is bread and sweetcorn, the reason being bread should sort out the better of either species, and maggot or hemp could attract barbel. If I catch a barbel it’s ok, but I much prefer to target them around September time, when they have well spawned, and recovered. PS; Does the closed season seem out of kilter these days? Should it not be moved up two months, and closed in May-June?

The Chub and Roach should have spawned, recovering in the shallower water and hungry after their exhaustions.  So I’ll be fishing these spots with a Chubber style float with bread flake or punch. I’ve some mashed bread I’ll be putting into several swims along the way, ready for the evening time. My Acolyte Plus is set up with 4.4lb flatfish main line, with a 3.2lb Bayer Perlon hook link. I’m starting with a size 6 B983 Kamasan wide gape hook and a large piece of bread flake. I have the same hook in a size 12s for the Roach if I get any knocks I cannot hit.


Next time out, I’ll bring the quiver rod along!

On arrival at East Stoke I found it, not too busy but blowing a hooligan, across-stream too. I’d come to Float-fish but the River Gods were against me. Over the next few hours I tried several places, but all were much of a muchness. The wind was relentless, but not cold. The only float to work with some success was a large loaded waggler, with several no 4 and no 8 down the line. It was also one of those days when everything went wrong, I  dropped my shot box on the grass, had my hat blow off that almost got lost in the Trent. Had endless tangles due to the wind, but I still love the visit. I’d intended to fish until dark, but what with the England match on, and the day being as it was headed home for a curry and cuppa.

Next time out I will bring my quiver tip, some times I can be just a bit too pig-headed for my own good!


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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