Sorted, day two River Trent.

So after yesterdays poor results, I sorted out some feeders over-nights with two quiver rods and a reel with 6lb line loaded on it. I hand tied some hook length on a size .13  Preston Power line with a size 16s Animal hook and pellet band. Should I hook a barbel, I’ll have half a chance in landing it. I’ll make up some ground bait and see if the Roach like a small pellet.

The good news is the weather is still over-cast, not too hot, but the wind is still with us. The Acolyte Plus will still be with me, just in case the wind dies out at dusk. The swims at East Stoke are mostly deep, with 10′ being average. I’ll be fishing on a large bend where I can reach some slower water past the middle, home for the bigger Roach.

On arrival a large match was taking place, and almost every peg taken. (all the good ones anyway) So I tried further downstream, but apart from a few skimmer bream, I was out of luck for the better roach, or chub. I’m back on Thursday, hopefully with some hemp tares and casters, But I will have a back up plan, just in case?

thumbnail_1410678899Any room for a little one?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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