The Longest Day!


Feeder fishing at East Stoke, River Trent.

Out again today with both the float and feeder available. Collecting my bait casters for today from the local bait farm. As I’m not fishing until next week, it’s just a pint, I’m lucky having the bait farm on my doorstep. But I do have pellets, that the Trent Roach seem to have taken a liking to according to the Trent anglers?

I had a great swim for long trotting, but again the bloody wind was really difficult. I never drew a bite in two hours, trotting a 14 no 4 Dave Harrell stick through, both off and on the bottom. The water today had a dirty tinge to it, as if we had some rain upstream, and it had only just worked it way down. It was as if it wasn’t enough to clean the river, instead made it unclean?

So I made up some ground-bait, white crumb with .2 mm pellets added, plus some Krill powder, hemp, corn, caster with some sweet Van Den Eynde River ground-bait just to help it bind. I’ve found that if you use a reasonably thin main line, you don’t need anywhere the amount of lead to hold bottom with the feeder.

So I use Sensor mainline, with a 2.5 Bayer bottom to start and cast just past the middle into slightly slacker water. I’m fishing an area where the main-flow comes around a large bend into the bank I’m fishing. So the far bank gets less of the flow and it’s a place the better Roach seem to like, or so I think? I did several casts in quick succession to put a bit of bait down.


A very modest Barbel from the Trent.

It worked, as in the next few minutes I had a succession of little knocks with the 3lb T/C tip on the Drennan Super Feeder. Eventually it dropped back, and a small skimmer came to the net. Then another, then a better fish of around 2lb. With this fish I changed to a 3.6lb Bayer bottom, and was pleased I did, as the next fish was well over 4lb. I had 4 bream, two skimmers, and a few dace and chub. Around 4pm it all went dead and I was just about the call it a day, when the tip flew round.  After a long but careful fight a nice barbel came to the net. I slipped it back right away. (after a long recuperation) I was tired, hot but a happy angler. Not the big Roach I’m after, but a decent days fishing. I’m back again!




Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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