Heat and fishing.

I love the hot weather to be honest. This week it’s supposed to get well into the upper 20s and this will have an effect on the Trent fishing. However as it’s still early summer I should be able to winkle a few fish or two out. On just another point, I see far too many other anglers getting sunburn and risking skin cancer. Don’t do it, cream up and wear a wide brimmed hat, cancer can really cut into you’re fishing time.


If you’re a fishing Naturalist as I am, it’s as much about whats going on around you at this time of year, as the fishing. All the birdlife seems to have paired up and are busy feeding young. The Trent banks have genuine Reed-Mace and Bullrush, often confused with each other. I watched a pair of Reed Warblers just last trip, they decided I was of little threat after half an hour or so, and got closer and closer.

Reed warbler 003 cpt Amy Lewis

I was clearly on the flight path to feeding their brood, but they had to reserve as much energy as possible, I just became an object to by-pass. And it’s that, we fishermen love about our sport. We become part of nature as we sit quietly, the environment moves in on us as time passes, we become part of nature itself.

I decided to try a new piece of river for me, it’s on a season ticket I’ve not had before this year, but it’s a noted big fish area. Massive barbel and Chub reside in this part of the Trent, and today I’m going to dip a line, excited, you bet! On the way to the new river beat I happened to pass by East Stoke, and noticed my favourite trotting swim was vacant. I took it as a sigh, well you know? And drove into the fishery. I did have a very pleasant day catching Roach, Dace, Bleak, and a few Perch, maybe 20 fish, but truly it was just too hot.


Once home I downed two beers without taking a break, then a few cups of tea. I was dehydrated despite drinking 4 litres of water throughout the day. We’ll out again on Thursday all being well.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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