Can it be Too hot for fishing?

We’ll yes and no, yes for consistent sport, and no for the odd bigger fish. I started today on a new stretch for me called the Viaduct on the Notts ticket. It takes a bit of finding, plus two locked gates, but it is worth the effort. It screams big fish, and is also noted for such. Barbel to 18lb, Chub to over 8lb and a host of other big fish. I can only guess why it produces such big fish, apart from anglers high protein baits. Its deep, slow even pace compared to some part of the Trent, very wide and tree-lined all along the beat, meaning lots of insect falls. IMGP0613

Unlike East Stoke the Viaduct has no hand-made swims, so is rather difficult to set up in, but we managed. Starting on a 3AAA waggler I ran through both off the bottom then dragging, caster and feeding hemp. It resulted in just a few small Chub under 6oz a piece. The sun was baking down and I started to count my own sanity of fishing on such a day 30.deg.

A family of ducks paid a visit as well as a pair of young male swans. They in turn were rewarded with some bread slices I’d planned to use if any better Chub appeared.

IMGP0610After lunch I thought I’d try a feeder, with a small pellet. After about 30 minutes I introduced some ground-bait by hand thinking just maybe the fish wanted a static bait.

After another hour the tips pulled round and I hooked a nice fish that fought well in the little flow there was. To be honest I was hoping for a decent Chub, but a near 8lb Bream took its place on the little 16s hook. I should have known, once you introduce any pellet on the Trent, the Bream know!

IMGP0616I packed up knowing I’ll return, but it will be when it’s not so hot. Meanwhile my little fishing dog is also hoping for a trip once its cooler! I can imagine in winter long trotting with bread flake could be the big Chub way, or maggots (plenty) on the milder wetter high pressure days, we’ll see?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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