Black floats and Balloons.

With the sun shining down from a cloudless blue sky, a black tipped 6 number 4 was my choice of weapon today. It would be like war trying to get a fish out of the Trent today, so hot was it. I set up with a 2lb 10oz Preston power line bottom just .10 in diameter then took a fest of little Perch one after the other that seemed to loved my fresh Bronze maggots.

Feeding hemp and caster little and often, the fish came in batches, some small Roach, Chub and Dace among them. Being so hot all fish were released at hand, and not kept for a picture like normal days. Towards evening I set up my longer Daiwa rod 15′ with a J. W. Young’s pin loaded with 6lb  laid on for an evening Barbel.  Its something I often do when evening comes and I’ve been baiting a swim all day with my loose feed. But the sun had given me a bad headache thought the day, and the fishing was half-hearted, so I packed at 7.30 with the best time still to come.


The Trent is currently low and has little flow, so we need a substantial amount of rain, steady and prolonged to bring the River back to life, a little like my garden currently?


One person enjoying the evening much more than myself was a balloonist, that had taken his bright red “lightbulb in the sky” for a trip around the Trent Valley. Bet it was a super cool evening up their?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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