Records are Broken.

I think this will go down as one of the longest dry spell in a decade. I cannot remember that last time we had some decent rain, March maybe? My garden is dry, the lawns browny/white, and the flowers and shrubs look forlorn.


Today on the River I basted again, speaking to other anglers the barbel are scarce as are most of the fish, night-time is the main time the fish are feeding it seems. I think if this continues I’ll have to forgo daytime fishing and just have a few hours into darkness. It will mean getting out the quiver tip again, but hopefully it won’t be for long.

I’m wondering if the better Roach would feed late on, and not just the barbel. Thing is I’ve caught plenty of Barbel on bread in the past, and I know they take it on the Trent.

I could compromise and fish a 6lb mainline and 4lb hook link, that way I’d have a good chance if I do hit a Barbel of landing it provided it didn’t snag me. I have a nice Drennan Super feeder that while being tippy, is good with light line hook-links. Sitting touch ledgering is a nice way of passing an evening with a quiver tip rod. Bread, corn, even a small pellet (8 mm) would work on the better Roach. I’ve managed to get a few, small open and close ended feeders for the Roach work, 25-30 grams is ideal at present.


Currently the Trent is clear and low so maybe a maggot feeder would be better than a cereal feeder. Maybe maggots and hemp on the deck, would be better than trotting when I often spread the bait all over the place.

I’m busy now for the rest of this week, but next week I’ll be out again. By then we may have had some rain, I dearly hope so!


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Records are Broken.”

  1. My club has a nice stretch on the Wye and I’ve yet to fish it. I’m hoping to get up there over the coming weeks and try my hand at a little trotting. I did a bit a long, long time ago and pretty unsuccessfully if I recall so, I’ll be watching your writing with interest as there’s lots of good info here.


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