The heat is on, still!

So a nice week just gone with a few Bream to 8lb, not bad, I’ve really enjoyed it. Now that’s what its all about really, finding new places on the River and next week will be no different. I’m planning to visit Clifton Bridge, another beat on my new ticket. I’m told the water is a little shallower than East Stoke, so the float will see more outings. The Bolo float is something I’m looking to master, fishing the middle river with a top and bottom float should be interesting. But I also have a good range of Dave Harrell’s Truncheon floats that I’ve taken Barbel on before, simply I must get better at using them, answer? Dave’s Floats. Use them more often in the right conditions, with big baits. Dead maggots are deadly, as are small pellets, bread, corn, even the big Roach will take these baits in Mid-River.



We have a had around eight weeks of rain-less weather. I bet the commercial carp waters owners are pulling their hair out right now. Any thunder storms can see many carp lost due to oxygen levels being too low, hundreds of fish can be lost in a few hours. Ive seen this before in my own Koi pond years ago, fortunately we only lost a few fish rather than the whole lot. Putting in excess ground bait, plus loose feed not being eaten only exacerbates the problem,  it decomposes on the lake bed.

Dave Harrell’s floats cover every situation. Floats designed by river angler

The river is clear and low, any Barbel caught take a long time to recover, so much so I don’t deliberately fish for them during such conditions. Any caught are held in the net for a long time, any that look too tired are put in a Carp recovery keep net ( I keep in the boot of the car) on their own to recuperate. I don’t like keep-nets for Carp, or Barbel but these are exceptional conditions.

Once we get some rain (maybe Friday according to the forecast) the rivers will come back on my radar. I’d also like to do you a review of a new rod and reel I’ve just taken charge of for my light trotting. Were talking about light-weight and the total is under 14 ounces for both a 14′ rod and fixed spool 4000 reel, interested? Cause you are!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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