Hot weather update.

Anyone living in the UK will know just how hot it’s been over the last few months. The rivers are exceptionally low and clear, and even evening sessions are humid and testing. So much so that I’ve had a little break for over a week, not touching the rods at all. The last trip was for Roach, trotting with hemp and tares and taking a few nice Roach to 8oz.

Instead I’ve been looking at videos online and buying a little bit of new tackle for the coming winter and next summer. I’ve brought two Daiwa whips, one 3 meters and the other 4.5 meters. Whip fishing really appeals in the simplicity of the method, I’ve always said I’d never buy a pole, but a whip is different.


I didn’t want a pole as all that shipping back and forward would drive me mad, but a whip in a short length is all done in one hand, and as Roach are my current in-fish they will be ideal for super light presentations I have in mind. Speaking about Roach I also needed a dedicated feeder rod for my Roach fishing. Again it had to be light in the hand and capable of taking very light hook-links down to a .10 with size 20 hooks.

Cadence CR10 Wand No 1. At 10 feet this rod will be ideal for rivers, and commercials where some good Roach exist. With 4lb main line I can fish light 2lb hook-links knowing the rod will help me land fish. It’s very light pencil thin and comes with 3 tips from 1/2 ounce to 3/4. This is a link to a video on the rod; The Cadence wand. I’m told it would land some much bigger fish, but I’ll just be looking for Roach this winter. On the plus side this company give back to fishing, and I support that. I brought a Cadence reel a few weeks back and it’s proved itself wonderful for the river.

I don’t know what effect all this drought will have on the fishing this year, but I’m sure it won’t be good. With new home building and abstraction for more water, we need more storage and reservoirs though expensive seem the only way, but will the water companies invest in the future before it’s too late, I doubt it?


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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