Summer Perch on the whip.

We had a cracking day on the whip yesterday, taking maybe 30 small perch on red-maggots. The fish were tucked right under a tree that overhangs the river, in 3′-4’of water. Feeding hemp and red maggots I thought some Roach would find the net, but no just little Perch to 8 oz. It was my first try with a whip (4.5 meters) using a small float and lightly shotted the Perch proved great fun, with the whip nearly bending double on the better fish. I did set up a new ultra-light feeder rod in the hope of bagging a better fish, but after losing a few leads on snags the Trent is famous for, I gave it best.


Before visiting the river I called in on a little commercial fishery on the way, just to see what the drought had done to it. I could not believe my eyes, the place was jam packed with anglers in every swim. Fishing just a few meters apart is not my cup of tea, I’ll take a look in the winter as some good roach exist in this complex of five lakes. I felt sorry for the owner as the lakes were down a meter, he must be praying every day for some substantial rain.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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