Eye Kettleby Lakes.

I thought I’d follow up on my last posts regarding fishing at the lovely Eye Kettleby Lakes, near Melton Mowbray. The complex is so well run, and the lady on reception helpful and a bit of a babe if I’m honest. (Sorry if that’s not PC these days) But this is a fishing blog, not the US Open, doh!


For £6 concession you get to fish one of the best stocked venue in the County. I like the fact that all the lakes are of reasonable size, and not Micky Mouse like some I’ve seen. Much like Hallcroft Lakes but much cleaner, better laid out and friendlier staff. On my second visit I tried lake seven, a long oval shape with an island in the middle. It was raining steadily when I set up under my new Preston umbrella, unlike some I did not park my car on the grass in front of the peg as it’s immaculate, and cut like a bowling green. Would people park on their own lawn at home, I take the view the lake is mine for a day, and I’ll treat it with respect while I’m fishing!


Lake seven is full of fish, and during the day I only used the two Daiwa whips, fishing for what I could catch. Today it was small silver Bream to around a pound, some chunky Roach to 8oz, Rudd to 6oz plus hybrids. I use a small amount of groundbait, maybe a conker size every ten fish. I guess today was even better that yesterday and I caught around 20lb of silvers, plus a nice little carp of about 3lb. That was an achievement itself on .10 hook link and size 20 hook single maggot.


The rain cleared just after lunch, the sun broke through and I really did not want to go home, so good was the fishing. Eye kettleby lakes would be 5 star in this review, it’s clean, well kept, has sensible rules, and the staff are welcoming. I’ll be back many times in the winter just to see if any better Roach exist in any of the lakes.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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