Crucian Carp Bonanza!


Back to the lakes, but this time on a different pool in the Eye-Kettleby complex. It was one of those days that never really got light for a September day. The drizzle persisted and I stayed mostly dry under my Preston flat back umbrella, what a great item of kit this is, and so well made. It should last a lifetime, unlike the Daiwa whip I managed to break the tip off, putting it away from my last trip. Completely my own fault, but with 4 inches off a 3 meter whip I was concerned it would make a difference, and it did. I have another on order but they seem to be last of stock, so Daiwa must be bringing out some new ones soon I bet?


Big mistake to use ground bait.

I made a fatal mistake first thing, putting in some ground bait, and pellets. This attracted a hoast of skimmer bream to almost 2lb and I knew the peg was ruined. So I moved  30 yards away and started again, on the 4.5 meter whip loose feeding red maggots only. The float was a pencil style .3 of a gram with a number eleven shot as the tail-tail and number tens, and eights further up the line. The swim was only four feet deep, but the little float was excellent and fish touching the bait was shown on the delicate bright red tip. A few nice Roach to 6oz came in the first hour, along with some nice Rudd about the same size. What stunning fish Rudd are, even in a commercial water where the colour is somewhat washed away, these beautiful creatures made me smile.


Stunning Mr Rudd.

The Crucians turned up in force after about two hours of loose feeding, taking the red maggots on a size 20s hook and .10 Preston Power bottom. The bites were in slow motion with the light whip float slowly sinking out of sight. Many bites were missed and I messed about with the shotting until I got it almost right. Over the next few hours until dusk, I took 37 of the little darlings. Several I weighted the best being 1lb 7oz and 1lb 6oz with many around a pound. I guess the average would be just under a pound. I’m not one to have many Bonanza days like this, so when driving home I got to wondering just what I did right?


Crucian carp a fish becoming less common.

Firstly I did not catch many more Silver Bream, just the odd one cereal groundbait is a no-no when targeting Crucians on these lakes. The Crucians would take the bait just as it settled the float down to a pimple, waiting only brought me Roach, Perch, or Bream. Using a whip it’s very simple recast, just lift and reach, doing this with a rod and reel would be a right pain hundreds of time over. I got the shotting and the float set up spot on, luck, yes mostly. And the feeding was bang on too, just enough to keep the fish interest, but not too much to over-feed. Lastly the low light values meant the fish feed all day, something out of my control, but in my favour. My best ever bag of Crucians ever, and one I doubt I’ll ever repeat, a real Bonaza day.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

2 thoughts on “Crucian Carp Bonanza!”

  1. A cracking day – I’ve never had anything like 37 crucians, but I have (rarely admittedly and not for 30 years or so) experienced spells when crucian bites come in quick succession … oh for one of those days again!


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