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Overnight frosts have made the River Trent even clearer.

I’m back on the Trent today in the hope some recent rain will have improved its clearness. However on arrival I found it even clearer than before. Any algae green has gone with a single overnight frost, and I can see my maggots falling through the water down to 6′ with my polaroid glasses on. I fished the 4.5 meter whip and found it an ideal length, but the wind was crazy gusty and just too much for the small pole.


I changed to a small stick then a waggler. Fishing groundbait with added team to lay a bed of bait down for the bigger Roach and Dace. Maybe a barbel will move in last knockings when I decided to lay on with the bigger Acolyte. Even though conditions were very tough, I did managed to put a dozen Perch, Dace and Roach together on some very light tackle. As the sun faded, I laid on with a big lobworm and took a nice Perch of around a pound, but no Barbel sadly.

I’m genuinely impressed with the whips for trotting. I think in deep winter it could be the key to some good Roach, just off bottom. In between the wind gusts it showed how easy it was to slow the bait right down to a stop. I’m thinking using the 4.5 and 6 meter whip on the same line, but just turning my body downstream so the longer rod will trot at its maximum. I used a 1.5 gram float, and just lowered it in the river so it sank before I started the trot, I took several fish just as the float fully loaded. The best way of catching seemed just off bottom, thankfully with the rocky nature of the Trent.

The Trent still has a good pace despite its clarity and lack of water, maybe two feet down I’d guess? I’ll not go back until we have some rain, it’s just too difficult to be honest. I’ll try my little river close to home next trip.

I love the Trent, but it just needs more water, and more cold weather.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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