Canal Rudd fishing.

My local Grantham canal has some nice Rudd in it, however they are a bugger to catch. There are so many things against catching them, one is summer algae and duckweed. Its up by mid-June then gone with the first frosts, in summer you can find some odd holes in the weed, but if it’s the slightest bit windy, the gap closes and your buggered again.

Last week I managed a morning when the duckweed had all but gone and the wind absent. With the Daiwa 3 meter whip and pint of maggots,  just sitting on the bank with no chair I thought I had it cracked. But sadly a once a year boat came through looking for some wayward young swans, and this turned the bottom over clouding the water and making it impossible to fish. I’m hoping the really cold weather will hold off so I can get another crack at them on a slow sinking bait.


Normally the water is crystal clear and you can see the Rudd take a bait, juts how i like it. The fish run to around a 1lb most 3-8oz with the odd much bigger fish every year or two. With the little whip 20s hook and matchstick style float, fun is the name of the game but you have to get the fish feeding confidently . images

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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