Winter Roach and Dace on the tip!


Another nice day fishing on the little river, taking a nice bag of Dace and Roach to almost a pound on the stick float. Oddly even though the day was more dull than the last trip, the fish feed better in the sunshine opposite to what you would think. Today the River had a nice tinge to it, and I thought that at any minute a big Roach would show it-self, but sadly it didn’t. However I took some nice Roach to 8oz,  that convinces me that a very big fish could be in one of the deeper pools, along with the big Chub. I believe Roach up to around a pound are shoal fish and live with other Roach in the long shallow 3’/4′ deep glides, this is also where the Dace collect in winter time. But once the Roach reach a pound or more they become less of a shoal fish (there are less of them) and move winter quarters to the deeper pools with cover. These pools also hold the better Chub, Perch and even the odd big Bream (seen less in the last few years). The big Roach are much harder to catch than the Chub as they get to the bait first, fishing after dark could be the answer as the Chub move up the swim (often to shallower water) to feed on Minnow. Many years ago when I fished solely for big Chub, I found fishing in the shallow water at each end of a pool could be effective, even on the coldest of nights.


While the trotting has been fun, I think sitting it out with a static bait like bread-flake will bring me the bigger Roach. Now I could use my light Chub rod and gear, but it won’t be fine enough in this clear river right now. No, I’ll have to find a specialist approach and fish very fine if I want those BIG ROACH. The little 10′ Cadence Wand I brought a few months ago with a light reel line (3lb) should be ideal, as I can fish a fine hook link 1.7oz with a mini open feeder with liquidised bread. These little 25 gram home-made feeders are ideal for this type of fishing. I’ll just to have decide on a running, or paternoster rig I’m still unsure on what will be best?

I feed quite a bit of worm today, but nothing would take one. Oddly in these long glides Perch seem absent, again I bet they  are in the deep pools already.  Now a nice big Perch on worm while fishing for Roach would be acceptable, very acceptable.



Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Winter Roach and Dace on the tip!”

  1. Have you tried bread punch? The roach around me (The Ouse) are keeping me busy on bread punch at the moment. Good sizes, up and over a pound in weight but not to the 2lb mark yet.


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