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I think I mentioned who much I enjoy my float fishing, and that I’m currently using Drennan Acolyte rods. These rods are not only really light, but have amazing actions, quick with nice soft times, I love them to be honest. However, I really wanted a 11′ float rod for the summer. It would be for the Crucians at Eye Kettleby lake’s, the canal Rudd and trotting on little rivers. Something I could go really light on the hook links, say 1lb for the Rudd as an example. When you look around most light 11′ rods are designed for pellet waggler fishing, with lines up to 6lb being normal. I wanted something lighter.

Forums are ideal for such questions, and many kind anglers came back with the Drennan Match-pro ultralight. Drennan suggest it takes hook-links down to .08oz so ideal. I quickly ordered one and I’m awaiting its arrival as I write.


The little river in town is a fine example of a place I’ve been promising myself to fish, but have never gotten around to it. It’s roughly 10 to 12 foot wide, mostly shallow with the odd deeper pool and full of fish, but it’s surrounded with overhanging trees. You would need to wade with minimal gear, an 11′ rod and a pouch full of maggots, a landing net would be optional?


The little lignum stick Dace floats I’ve just managed to obtain (2 x no 4s) a fine main line say 3lb with a 2lb hook link would allow me to fish the very shallow pools for the better Dace I know are about. The river holds a lot of Trout in the town beat, some big, very big. I fellow angler took one of over 5lb on a fly rod about four years ago. The fish are use to eating bread as ducks abound in the park area. So I’m sure once it arrives, I’ll be looking for opportunities to use the little eleven footer as it will be so much fun. i may even get the old centrepin out and give that an airing.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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