I missed my fishing this week, cold weather and a bit of laziness made sure I missed a few days I could have had. I find as I get older this happens sometimes, like when I have a bowls match, or the wife has to go to the hospital. All I make as an excuse not to go fishing, but I don’t like feeling this way.

I know for a number of years I’ve suffered from a bit of depression, nothing serious, but it’s always in the background. Fishing has always been the medication I need for making me feel better so when I don’t go it gets worse. At times we can all be fools to ourselves.


I’m hoping this week will bring some rain, the local river is down a bit, and the Trent below its proper winter level. While its cold, I’ll be carrying two rods, a light 11′ Drennan Ultra float rod, and a Drennan ultra light feeder 9’/10′ plenty of length for the little river. It will give me a choice to trotting the flowing swims (for Dace and Roach) and ledgering in the slow deeper pools for Chub and Perch.

I’ve just released all my Dendrobaena worms because to b honest they have failed miserably to catch me any fish?!. Instead I’ve ordered some Lobs and I’m sure they will be a much better fish catcher, but more difficult to keep. Currently it’s really cold with an East wind so I’m indoors writing this blog, sorry guys. It will get warmer soon, then, I’m off fishing again.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

4 thoughts on “Unoccupied.”

  1. I agree, fishing is a great remedy. I’m recovering from a car crash which happened last December. I think without a few outings here and there on the banks I’d be feeling down. All your troubles seem to go away when you’re holding that rod and listening and watching all the wildlife around you.


      1. Slowly getting there Richard and thanks. The car crash has stopped me from doing many things this year. I’ll be following your posts. Tight lines.


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