In the Footsteps of Wilson!

The recent death of my old friend John Wilson brought home how little time we really have on this earth, and how we should use every day as best we can. I meet John when he had his little shop In Bridewell Alley in Norwich, and I was Manger of the local Bank.


John before his move to the far East, doing his favourite thing, Long Trotting.

I had many a days Roach fishing with him (our joint passion) on the Wensum when it was in its hay-day. 30-40 two pound Roach in a season was possible for several years, then it was all gone.

When I reflect on fishing and its future personalities I find very few have the John Wilson touch. It’s either all in long stay, do or die Carp fishing, or match fishing on the circus of mini pools stocked with ugly deformed carp. One angler that breaks the rules and still fishes for wild fish on our rivers and streams is Mark Erdwin at his wonderful blog site, Mark breaks the mood for several reasons, he simply oozes love for fishing. His enthusiasm is infectious, and when he can get me out fishing on the coldest of days in my late 60s, well he must have something.

Not all Marks videos are 100% fishing, nature and it’s surroundings (just like John covered) brings you along on every trip. For a keen naturalist like myself I can watch Marks videos all day long. In fact I find myself going though is whole catalogue at weekends when the weather is poor. Can I urge you to take a look at Marks, sympathetic fishing videos on You-Tube, you too will be entertained enlightened, plus its a great fixed for when you’re not fishing!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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