Stationary baits in cold weather.

As you know by now I love my long trotting, in fact its my preferred way to fish 90% of the time. However once its really cold, experience has told me a stationary bottom bait takes some beating especially for those better fish. You need a decent head of fish in front of you to make trotting worth while, but when you’re fishing for just a few big fish, sitting it out with a quiver tipped bait can up the percentages.

So I’ve made up a bit of cheese-paste, collected a 100 lobworms and have bread flake at my disposal for my next trip, tomorrow. I’ll be fishing a little piece of river that holds some very good fish. These are only a few swims, and these are always very touch fishing wise. By that I mean some days the fish seem absent totally, while others you could get more than ONE bite. As some big perch are in this beat along with the Chub, I’ll be putting my faith in the Lobworms. I do have some nice liquidised bread with hemp birdseed and krill powder mixed if the condition allow.


Early morning (today) saw me approaching the little river with some trepidation, as the weather was bitterly cold, that cold mist staying longer than normal. I knew exactly where I wanted to fish, tucked down low on the bank, as much out of the wind as possible. While the wind was not too bad, it was just the cold coming from the East that made it seem so cutting. I’d collected my maggots from the farm, just a pint of reds today as I did not intend to feed much, just a few every cast or two. But sadly even though I thought I fished well, the bigger fish were not at home. A few little Roach were all I could managed, but at least the new little Drennan feeder rod was christened.

Even though I’m retired and tell myself I can fish anytime, the truth is a little different. Today Monday, and tomorrow are going to be the coldest days of the week, warming up later Thursday/Friday when I busy doing other things. I cannot moan really as those other things I also enjoy, there just not fishing?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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