River levels and winter rain!

Despite some decent rain recently, it seem the river levels are remaining the same. The crazy rainless summer heatwave of 2018 dried out the ground so much it seems, it will take a huge amount of water to soak it through. I’d imagine the aquifers underground are all but empty, and I wonder what the consequences of another such summer in 2019 would be. Without this rain I’ve found the rivers low and clear making my fishing really difficult.


I’ve gone back to my old recipe for Cheese paste, dumping the one made with bread recently, it was just not how I liked it. So with a ready made pasty mix, mature cheddar, blue stilton the paste looks and smells amazing now, how could any fish resist it? In the old days 1960/70s I would just leave this in my bag, so it would age, and get more tacky and smelly as the months past by. Now I just pop it in the fridge between trips, if it makes a difference I don’t know, but the garage doesn’t smell of rotten old socks. Also pleasingly you don’t have to hold your nose when baiting up. I’m told putting some pop-up mix in the paste can help with buoyancy, but I’m undecided. I think a cheese bait should lay on the bottom naturally as the free-offering lumps do. Any way we will see, out soon, pop back and see how I do.




Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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