So the weather was not very promising to be honest, cold with little wind, but bright. Most anglers know this type of weather can be the kiss of death to any river fishing, you’re better with mild and wet, windy, but?

I decided to go back to the swim I blanked in last week. A big fish swim (known to me anyway) where I’ve taken several big Chub, including a 6lb 6oz fish in 2015. There is always a fear the fish have died, or simply moved, but hey you have to try. I arrived at 9 am, very early for me with the sun just coming through, but it was very cold. I’ve just brought some new warm weather gear recently in the hope I can stay warm longer. “I’ll do a post on this at some time, because I think you would be interested, if like me you fish during the winter and feel the cold?”  The swim is down a steepish bank, but out of any wind, and sunshine, so it took a long time for the sun to get around to me, and the swim.


Early morning and a weak sun just getting through.

I settled for my little Drennan Ultra-light feeder rod at 10′, loaded with 6lb line and my own sliding paternoster with a double swan shot as weight. The river had almost no flow, just a gentle trickle down the centre. Hook was a size 8 Kamasan B983 a hook I have used for years when fishing for Chub. Its light but strong with a nice wide gape, ideal for bigger baits like worms, bread and cheese paste. It’s not a hook I’ve seen mentioned much by anglers like myself, maybe its a best kept secret? I tied it on spade end style as it has an out-turned eye, see it and it will make sense.

Before I put any bait in I put a big lobworm on, breaking off the tail to let the juices out and cast it just ten yards downstream of me. The light 1.oz tip settled, and they’re it remained for the next 30 minutes, until in nodded and bend round nicely. The fish spent most of its time trying to get in the bank-side reeds, (it’s the only time I regret the 10′ over a 12′ rod) but finally it came to the net  and all was well. I really didn’t think it was that big, maybe 5lb. But after re-settling my digital scales and re-weighing the little sling, I had to settle on 6lb exactly, no more, but no less. Clearly I was over the moon, and only half an hour in the swim.


A stunning fish of 6lb taken on Lob-worm.

I stayed on until it was almost dark (4pm) when I had another cracking bite, that broke the line at the hook, this time on cheese paste. I packed up with feet like blocks of ice, realising I’d had my feet in water all this time. The swim is on a reed-bed that when you stand on it sinks down to the water. The car was covered over with ice and getting colder as I contemplated on the journey home, that this is the third six pound fish I’ve taken from this limited beat, all different ones according to the photos. A peasant made a noise in a tree far away, saying good-bye and come back soon. I’m sure it won’t be too long.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

3 thoughts on “6.6.6.”

  1. Hi there. As a fellow trent angler and roach fan I’ve enjoyed reading your blog immensely. Looking at the last couple of postings would I be correct in thinking you’re a member of Burton Mutual AA?



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