The future!

So I’m sitting in bed recovering from my cancer operation. All being well in the coming months I’ll get some fishing in, and I have a kernel of a plan forming. Whatever I do must be quick and simple, so I’ll start off on the local River  fishing for Chub on floating crust. Mixed with a spot of Rudd fishing with the small whip on the local canal. All within a few minutes from home, and little gear to carry. If the river is too low with no flow, then the canal will come in, and visa versa.

I’d also like to try for some decent Roach in a carp lake beside the River Trent near Newark. By big I mean I’ve seen some fish over a pound in weight. But you never see all the fish in any lake when you visit, do you? I’ll only use the whips and maybe light bomb and match rod in reserve, I simply want fun and a few fish.

Game fair 6 (Small)

In the coming week I’ll get a few bit and bobs together ready, in a small rucksack. A loaf of bread, pint of hemp and maggots is all I’ll need come next trip. I may even get to the “Game Fair” again?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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