100 and out.


What a cracking day I’ve just had, loads of fish then back home for a Asda Curry. With all the current rain in Lincolnshire, I genuinely thought the local carp pits would be flooded. But after an early morning call to the owner, he gave me the all clear.

Now this is the Lake I’ve mentioned before, where I think a few big old Roach could be had during the winter months.  I’ve seen a few swimming about while float fishing for carp. Today with a fresh 3 pints of maggots ( two white one red ) from the farm, the drive was steady and eventless, no floods? I chose white maggots as I knew the lakes would be coloured, and so they proved to be. You couldn’t see past a few inches down, but the fish gave themselves away when scattered maggots were sprinkled over their heads, by boiling on the surface.


I started on the 3 meter whip and never changed all day. The fish were so hungry, they were hooking themselves against the tiny “Matchstick” I was using for indication, just 12” from the size 18s hook. In just four hours I must have taken over 100 fish, mostly Roach around 3-6-oz with the odd better fish to 8-oz. A handful of Roach were of a much better stamp, one going 1lb 3oz and two others 12-14oz. All took single maggots on a 18s to 2.2lb hook-link.


During the session, I managed to hook four nice carp all Crucian – F1 type around a pound to a pound and a half. Scary stuff on a light three meter whip and 2.2lb line, but boy such fun.

This was my first day out after my cancer operation, and it felt liberating. I sat in the sun watching a Red Kite swinging just over my head, looking for Goose chicks I think. He made several fly passes, some so low it felt he was within touching distance, what a stunning bird of prey they are. I hope to be out again on Weds, but this time my eye will be on some big carp and tench in a local lake close to home. Also I’m keeping me eye on the local river, as once it abates a little, the chub could be up for some floating crust? Maybe!


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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