Short trips/Blanking!


Looks so good for a bite, earlier in the year 2018.

I’ve had three short trips fishing for some difficult carp, on a local reservoir. To be honest I didn’t expect to catch, and you may find that strange from someone that is mostly positive. The only times I’ve done any good to be honest, is when they are up for a floater. The place is very weedy, featureless in the main, and the fish don’t often show. So floater fishing works as you can imagine.

I baited the margins mostly in hope than anything else, as that’s what you do isn’t it? I mean all the famous carp anglers you see do it, don’t they? The fish come in and bingo everyone a coconut, well no, not on this place. Even when I clear spots (with a rake) the fish don’t seem to turn up, well not when I’m there. I tried floaters each visit, but the wind was very changeable and never really gave me a good chance. I’m comfortable with the gear I’m using should I hook a giant. A 2.25lb t/c Daiwa floater rod 12lb Nash Floater line and 9lb Guru n-gage hook-link. I love the Guru line, very strong and The Nash stuff lays well on the spool for casting. I’m using the Nash floaters this year along with the slicker, and riser pellet, but to date cannot give you any feedback.


Floater fishing can be exhausting, sometimes?

I’m going to keep going, because I think it’s just case of finding some fish in the upper layers, and getting them feeding. I’ll keep you informed! Still awaiting the river chub session, as the river is still up and coloured.



Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Short trips/Blanking!”

  1. I fish a lot of short sessions, mainly through choice as my interest wanes after about three hours. Coincidentally in my most recent post I said that as I fish short sessions, I have to take the blanks on the chin …


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