So where are we now?

We’ll Know my health is not as good as it was last year, but I still want to go fishing. So it will have to be a more casual kind of fishing, sitting down behind rods and being relaxed as I can be. Not far from me is a club carp water with a few nice carp in it, so for the continuing future I’ll be close to home fishing for some big fish. It will be difficult as the water is low stock, but the fish are worth it once on the bank. I can get home in 15 minutes if needed, and the parking is not too far from the swims, also I have a barrow now, so a proper carp angler indeed?


I’ll start next week, mapping out the lake and putting some bait in a few spots ready for fishing. I’ll be watching the water and maybe taking the dog for a few walks around the place, baiting as we go. It’s very weedy, so maybe a few swims will be cleared in the margins just enough, not to scare the fish, but to present baits better. I fancy it will fish better in the autumn when much of the weed is drying back and the carp are more hungry. Subsequently this year I’ll play less outdoor and indoor bowls, and do more sitting behind carp rods, sound good to me!

I’ll be putting some pictures of the lake up in the coming week, stay tuned.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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