Carp fishing update, weed!

IMGP0683So to make this first part of this post short, the lake is solid with weed and I cannot find any clear spots within casting range. The weather has pushed the carp into the middle, and there they stay all day. I guess in the dark (no night fishing) they move into the margins and such to feed when its cooler and the weeds oxygen dies off. I had a fruitless day fishing when it was far too hot, and with no wind, nothing moved. I fresh wind could help, but the weed drifts and catches the line, the 40 swans on the water don’t help, as they are constantly pulling weed off the bottom as they feed. I do think they will move off once the food supply gets less in autumn. So for now I’m pulling off the lake.

So what to do, well a River Trent carp sounds nice doesn’t it? Now this will not be easy, but I have lost a number of big fish when trotting for barbel, some I expect were carp. I’ll make a start today, and do some pre-baiting as I think thats the only way to go. The fish are nomadic, but can be in small shoals two or three maybe. I’ll not feed food that will attract bream if I can, so its tiger nuts and boilies. Tackle wise my new Affinities with pop ups and snowman rigs, big baits that I hope will only take the much bigger bream. Helicopter/rotary set up to avoid tangles. I don’t think weed will be a problem, even though I’ll be fishing right in the margins, just off the initial shelf. Everyone I’ve spoken to say “fish the margins” with strong simple tackle.

It’s still really hot so I think it will be the last hour of light that will produce, but it could take a few trips to get some baited areas established. We’ll see, keep watching!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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