Structure and river carp.

Everyone I’ve spoken to that know anything about river carp all say the same, find some structure and that will be where the carp are. I knew that, but it’s good to have that reaffirmed. Most of the Trent has overhanging trees, a great feature, but with so many where do you start. Well, I’m guessing slack areas are gold too. It’s a place carp can rest, sun, and not have to move about, surly it must be a good holding area, do they feed there, I honestly don’t know? In a flood it must be a waiting area surly?

So yesterday we, my wife and I with fishing dog Daisy took a long walk along the Trent looking for just such an area. Think about it, to have slacks you must have bends, the steeper the better. However much of the Trent has gradual bends, so we had to walk a long way. Even Daisy was done when we got home, but it did us all good, and eventually we found what we were looking for, a nice long slack area.

Its worth mentioning, I’m feeling a lot better now the Doctors have told me my operation was successful, and the cancer is gone. You can never say 100% with cancer, but my blood count was almost normal, wow.

The slack is on a peaceful part of the river, away from the carp park and busy swims. It’s about 50 yards long, and the same distance between swims. If anyone gets below me where the water speeds up, the disturbance would be minimal. (I’m conscious that noise matters to river carp, as your fishing in the near side margin.) Better still the bank-side is full of Reed-mace, willow and proper Bull-rush, no place can you get in, so it’s very overgrown. All the river here has European white lilies, growing up to 6′ from the bottom. I don’t agree with lead dropping for environment reasons, so I’ll use a small lead, less than 2oz if I can get away with it. But if the rain continues I may not have any choice.

Saying that, with the recent rain the river was coloured up a foot, so the swim could not be seen at the right level tonight. Even so I baited with a kilo of mix boilies and about the same with all size pellet, from 2mm up to 10mm, hoping some fish will find this and encourage the carp in. Pellet will attract bream and I don’t know anything of the carp numbers on this part of the river, (I did ask the bailiff and he told me a 20lb had been caught last season, and a good double this year ) so I’m taking a chance. But bream will cloud up the bottom feeding on small pellet, that should attract carp. There is a lot of IF’S there, I know, but as mentioned earlier this is an adventure, we really know little about the carp in the Trent in this part?

Tuesday.  So my first evening was mostly uneventful apart from the bream, several of them to 8lb. They found the pre-bait irresistible keeping the bobbins going crazy as it got towards dark. Lots of line bites too up and down, very tiring.


Bream City.

This part of the river is peaceful and full of wildlife, birds like the dazzling male Reed bunting and his dowdy female mate. Long tails tits, always in a large group I counted 16 individuals in this family. Then as it got almost dark, a stunning singing bird started up I honestly don’t know what it was, but it was wondrous.

40819379752_5b639138fc_bFemale Reed Bunting.

Common_reed_bunting_(emberiza_schoeniclus)_mMale Reed Bunting.

The rain persisted most of the evening into dark, it seemed to stir the Rivers barbel as several rolled in the faster water on the opposite bank. Funny isn’t it, when you’re looking to find barbel they never roll, tonight after carp, they’re sending me postcards.

I baited heavily again, then packed up in the dark and drive home. A hot cup of tea was waiting me as the Misses was just going to bed, having made her own Coco. We sat in bed together as I recalled the days events, and the nature I’d seen. It seemed he current book was a little more interesting than fishy tale!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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