Algae solves weed problem, well almost!

My trip back to the lake was really interesting. A decent wind was blowing, and the sun was constantly in and out of low lying cloud, so I was expecting/hoping to see some fish boshing about. I’d taken a rod with me to test various areas for weed, in the hope it had died back a bit with the heavy algae bloom. I was partly correct, the water was still cloudy and you could see the suspended algae in the water, visibility was down to around three feet. Some blooms can be really thick and dangerous, both to humans and dogs that swim in it.


During a long slow walk around the lake nothing moved, the wind on this water is really odd. It seems to funnel down a valley and you can never be sure (until you arrive) what direction it would be, today due to the bank configuration it was pushing in three different directions! Only three people were fishing and none had seen any activity of any kind. I stuck on a three ounce dumpy lead and immediately found a nice clear area some 9/10 wraps out near the car park. It was maybe the size of a half a tennis court, any weed was short and well fishable with a pop-up or PVA bag. However it was not like this all around the lake, some places were still very heavy weeded, but not as high as before, maybe 12”/15” but thick, so some form of fishing would be possible?

This clearer area made me think. Just before I pulled off the lake last time I’d watched one guy spodding and area from the ‘dug out’ or ‘tench swim’ as we call it. I was in a line over the other side of the lake and marked just where I thought his bait could be going, ( as any sneaky bugger would do) a little step in the bank give me a mark to focus on. He spodded for what seemed like hours, only to pack up early. Now maybe he had a plan to come back, but I didn’t see him next day so really wondered about it. Now suppose he was coming back and doing it again from that same swim, from the place I’d plumbed (the little step in the bank mentioned before) I could easy reach that area, as it was around a 10 wrap cast for me. Possibly he had been baiting there, but pulled off due to the weed, or lack of fish. Or maybe he could only fish at weekends, either way, that spot was clearer than the rest of the lake I’d plumbed and I was about to take advantage of it. I would not be fishing his baited swim, I’d be at a different angle and some hundred meters from his swim. Had he been fishing with pellet or particle, it would keep the fish busy for days that amount of food each time.

Anyway I baited with boilies (mixed sizes) about a kilo spread all over the area, I did not want a patch, but wanted any fish searching about for food. That way I could get away with a slightly longer hook-link,  PVA bag, or simple pop-up well off the bottom, as this area still had some low lying chod on the bottom. I can’t get in the morning, so will try the afternoon and evening tomorrow, if nothing else it will give me another chance to pre-bait. But for the rest of the week, I’ll give some early mornings a try as evenings have not been over productive in the past. Not that I’ve really given it a proper try before, so must not pre-judge the situation from just a few blank trips.


Think I’ll start off with PVA bags, still baiting with boilies, and some plastic corn as hook bait. If the fish are looking for food, a one mouthful of mixed pellet should pull them down where they will find a nice pile of grub, and my hook bait. Sounds like a cunning plan to me? Another thing of interest is most of the 30/40 swans have gone? Lake of food maybe now the weeds dying back? Who knows, but it’s a good thing for anglers anyway they dig up so much of the weed, and then it floats off all over the place.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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