I’m flipping about right now, one place to the next with no real plan, and I hate it. The reservoir fish are playing dead, no-one is catching and the water is full of an algae bloom. While I mentioned this was a good thing because it was killing off some of the weed, plenty is still about if my last trip was anything to go by.


I simply hate flipping?

I arrived just after lunch, the Misses needing the car for the morning shopping. I fell in the spot I’d been fishing and baiting previously, it seemed a good bet because a fish boshed out in front of me at 100 yards plus as I was setting up. Out with a chod type rig some 90-100 yards in the right direction. It sat there until I packed in the dark, when I pulled back a ton of weed around the rig, I doubt the fish even saw the pop-up. Feeling for a drop at 100 yards is something I’ve not yet gotten the skills for! The other rod was on a cleanish spot some 40-50 yards range with a slow wafter on with a long hook link of nylon, well you have to try something don’t you? Must have spooked the fish on arrival, as nothing happened during the seven hours fishing. Speaking to one chap that in the past has caught, toelling me it was really slow, and felt October would be the first real chance we would have, when the fish were beefing up for winter.

So I’m planning a trip this week to a local venue we’ll know as A1 pits. They have six lakes all with a decent head of fish, some very large indeed. I’ll be on one of the smaller lakes in the hope of just one bite. As usual I will keep you all posted?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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