A1 Pits carp fishing.

IMGP0378If you haven’t been to these pits, I’ll tell you a little about them. Six pits ranging from about an acre in size to the biggest often referred to as the Ocean. All contain carp to around 40lb+ and you can fish them for the price of a day ticket, night fish too. All are deep even in the margins, and the carp are very well fished for in all the pits. It’s rare the  pits are not full of anglers so popular is this place.

Currently its very weedy in all of the pits and making the fishing difficult, we’ll getting the fish out when weeded, I should say! One chap on Facebook is getting fish weeded up almost every hour, and calling others for help, di-k head.

I fished pit three and found it not too busy, but the weed was difficult. A small carp and tench was my reward, you have to think outside the box when it’s like this, and fish a bit differently to others. I fished a very light chod with an ounce lead on-top of the weed, maybe a foot down. Well, it seemed to work, twice anyway, a few baits spread on top where some would sink others hang in the weed, just where the fish were hiding out. A few carp would bosh out from time to time, but not enough to move on. I packed at dusk, as the day ticket is justs for that, the day.


Day two.

My next trip was for a two day stint, going home between trips, as a bed chair is simply a no-no for my back these days. I chose to have the days simply stalking and getting to know the pits in a bit more detail. Pits one and two were challenged the first day, but rain, dull conditions, along with a 20 mph wind made sure carp spotting was very difficult. It’s really the wrong time of year to start stalking, the summer months of high clouds, windless days and hot conditions are better suited. But if you gain anything about me from this blog, you will know I’m anything but conventional! I may even stalk right through the winter months until spring is around. It just has to remain a mild winter and who knows? It was a much better day today, less wind and only thin cloud keeping out a decent warm sun. Not fish basking weather, but nice, only a short rain spell spoilt the other wise decent day.

I found several fish in some snags at the bottom of one of the lakes. They were big fish too, some over twenty pounds. Where I had scattered some baits the day before was now a clear patch, as all the bait had gone. This patch in the margin was just a rod length form the snags, so I’d guess those fish were the culprits. I scattered some more bait, pellets and chopped boilies on the spot as carefully as I could, then walked off for another tour round the lakes. I was surprised not to find more carp in the edge, as it was fairly free of another anglers. But I’m learning about the place on every lap, plus the other anglers seem very helpful when they know you’re simply stalking. A few fish had been caught during the night they told me, making me think night stalking could be fun, if only I could stay awake long enough, Ha! I do love my bed!!

I returned to the little patch by the snags during the afternoon, but the fish were still in the snags. Maybe they had enough food, or they had seen me approach. I sat and watched for about an hour, the fish milling around moving towards the baits, then disappearing again, only to re-appear in the snags. It seemed they could cross the divide without me seeing them. The water being just too deep to make them out, until they moved over the clear patch, or in the snags again.

As I’d not seen any carp on my travels, plus I was completely knackered after hours of walking, I decided to fish it anyway. A pair of small tiger nuts fished KD style on a size six curved hook, was attached to a supple hook link and swung into place. The 3oz lead was changed to a 1oz to reduce the splash, but it still landed like a brick on entry.  Behind the lead I had a soft sinking leader about 6/7 foot long from Nash, this sinks really well and allows you to lay the line along the bottom out of sight. But after maybe 30 minutes it was clear the fish had moved off, out of the snags from the other side. Next visit I’ll investigate where they come in and leave, then maybe I could trap them at both ends, depending on what they’re doing?

Now we are into September the gates close at 7pm, so I was packed and home in-time to watch a bit of TV with the Mrs., Boy did I sleep that night, and next day my body felt like I’d run a marathon. But it’s what I need to help get over the Cancer the Consultant tell me. Only got the one day next week, but I’m really into this stalking now, what a rush.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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