Stalking can be difficult at times!

Thursday saw me stalking once again, but conditions were really difficult. Wind, cloud, intermittent rain, and low light conditions, but oddly I did find some fish, and at one time thought I’d catch one. A little corner on one the pits has some extensive snags, I believe now that this is the home of some of the lakes carp. They seem to be around this area most times I visit, but it’s not where they feed, even though I tried to tempt them into it. I baited lightly with some crushed Krill boilies, corn, and the odd tiger nut, those fish were interested, but not one would drop down and feed. From my elevated position, I could watch the carp swim over the bait constantly during the day, but the swimming was quick and nervous, as if they wanted the food gone from that place.


Nothing much is being caught on the lakes despite much angling pressure. It’s funny to watch, when someone leaves in the morning having fished maybe a night or two, then in the afternoon someone else drops in the same swim, for another few night. Not-one angler I’ve seen, just casts out a single hook bait, just to see. They all just pile it in, knowing they are staying a night or two. I find that odd, as just thinking about it would it not make sense to think one fish at a time, after all why put bait in when the fish could be on the bait from a few days ago? Longer term anglers often say the fish come on the second or third days after heavy baiting. I expect they see older bait as safe perhaps it’s been inspected several times, maybe even tested?


Doing just days sessions as I am, I see this coming and going all the time, maybe more than most doing longer stints. Everyone seems to talk to me, knowing I’m just stalking the edges. They tell me all about the lakes, the contours and fish they have seen, I’m loving this stalking lark.

Anyway, I did a fair amount of walking again (very good for my recovery) and watching carp is always interesting. The spots I bait from the week before are always cleaned off, this could be water birds, swans, or maybe great big carp? Once it gets cooler, I plan to bait some difficult to get in spots with boilies every week. Trying to build up a few well baited areas the fish will visit regularly to feed in confidence. I’d be happy not to fish them for several weeks. However, there really is a lot of bait that goes into the pits on a daily basis, so adding to it could not work! I’ll see in a few weeks just how busy the place is, then decided about the pre-baiting plan?

I only got to fish the one day this week, with a hospital appointment and my dearest wife being away for a few days. I’ve a cunning little plan for my next trips, so stay tuned and see whats going on. I really must get a fish soon, it’s been four trips without, and the landing nets a bit dry right now!

Oh yes, I’ve brought a nice little tea making kit (mini gas stove, gas bottle, cup and real tea) so I can have a fresh cuppa rather than out of the old flask. The flask is fine when you have nothing better, but nothing beats real tea made fresh. Also, the break gives you time to re-think your plan if it’s not working. I’ve seen a little toasty maker for cheese toasted between to slices, cheap too. Maybe I’ll treat myself soon.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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