Simon Crow did a cracking article in this months Carpology Magazine about luck, or lack of it at times. He said how being on the right place at the right time didn’t often happen, but when it did, the stars aline, and worlds collide, and the fish Gods smile on us. Good things can happen when you get it all right, unlike my last two fishing trips.


The rivers been up for a while due to the all the autumn rain we’ve been having lately. But getting the timing right to go fishing can be guesswork if you don’t live close by. I’m fortunate that the river is just minutes away, and I can drop by with or without a rod anytime. My last two trips found the river running simply too quick for effective ledgering, and the float would just bomb through. It was within the banks however, and not over-coloured. But it will be a weeks time before it’s perfect. I did have a few hours fishing the slacks, with a few dace and roach showing up, but the big chub and perch would take more finding when the river is settled. It was interesting how a 3oz quiver tip was too heavy and fish were missed.  I’m sure a 2oz tip would have been much better for the slacker swims, the little dace feel that heavier tip and drop the bait instantly. Going much lower like a 1oz tip, would be too light in some of the quicker glides. I’m still thinking carp, but just fancied a change for a week or two. I’ll be back soon.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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