Back on home water.

A large roachrudd

So I’m back on the Tent for the foreseeable future, fishing for roach, and barbel. Now the heavy floods are receding I’m sure the better fish will be in their winter holts, and hungry. So the plan is to fish a new beat (to me) and also a local beat I know reasonable well. The approach will be feeder with hemp and caster, backed up with a bigger outfit if the barbel turn up. I’ll be putting a bit of meat out in the feeder now and again, plus I’d like to try 10 ml mini boilies for the better roach.


While the water is not known for big roach (a pound fish being a clonker) I did see a few much better fish feeding during a big midge hatch a few years ago, they were well over a pound. I think the reason these fish don’t get caught often is lack of numbers, and their cageyness, sitting back in the swim, and feeding well after dark. I’m seeing more big roach being caught on large pellets and boilies in the news, it has to be worth a try. So that’s me and what I’m doing. My recovery from cancer is slower than expected, but I’m able to fish and thats all that matters right now. As usual I’ll let you know how I get on guys.



Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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