A quick trip, nice to be out.

The best laid plans, or so they say. My day trip to a local stocked carp lake was curtailed some today, as I found it flooded, over the banks into the tree’s. So it was onto the Trent for the second option, and hopefully maybe a nice roach or two. However the river was also over the bank, fishable, but I’d not taken the right gear for heavy river fishing. So it was onto a very small lake close to home, again with stocked carp. This time I had the place to myself, totally on my lonesome, the wind was howling through the trees like a young hooligan.


I set up a simple ultra-light Guru maggot feeder 12 grams and started casting close in, restricted by neglected overhanging trees, there branches not allowing any over-head casting. It was really very cold, and the hot flask of tea was wonderful. I’d guess the temperature did not get above 3 degrees all afternoon. By 3pm I’d packed with just a nice bronze bream of about 3lb taken on pellet. I was not expecting much, with the weather being so foul, so the little bream was well-come.

I thought about the fishing in my life and how much even such a short trip pleased me. I’ve not been very recently and I’d missed it big time, getting rather depressed in the process. I’m planning much more this season for the spring, the local lakes big bream are rarely caught, as are the tench. One chap showed me the way last year catching several nice tench over several weeks on match tactics with worm, caster and corn. He didn’t get into the bream however, and I think that was more to do with his location rather than his technique. So come the first sign of a little warmer weather, I’ll be on the banks long range bream fishing, I hope?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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