Almost time again!

I’ve been suffering this last 20 days with the worst flu virus ever. It turned into a chest infection that put me to bed for two full weeks, I was so weak I couldn’t walk. Sadly I passed it on to my dear wife ( who suffers with a heart condition and asthma) and she is just feeling better after 17 days. We both had our flu jab this year, so this virus must be something new. If any readers have suffered with it, then I genuinely hope you get better soon.

My next fishing trip should be next week, I’ll be long trotting on the Trent with bread punch after one of the big roach the river is throwing up lately. Back in 2011 one forum was talking about big Trent roach being rare, and they were. Then in 2012 someone had a 2lb 5oz fish, and slowly it seems the fish have been getting bigger. Now the record stands at over 3lb with two pound fish being caught weekly. From what I can see the better fish are all tidal, not that you cannot get one elsewhere, but the tidal is your best chance of a big fish. Why this is so, I really don’t know, maybe a reader will enlighten me, please?

On You-Tube Mark Wintle has a cracking new video shot this year in January. He is fishing the River Dorset Stour with bread. The conditions look ideal, no wind, a little colour in the river, and loads of ravenous roach about. Mark makes long trotting look easy, and it is, but the skills are long time served skills you have to learn to be good at.

Even his basic ground bait 50% brown crumb and 50% roach groundbait is simple, but works well and sinks to the bottom when made up a little stodgy. No other additives to the mix, so when the roach arrive, all they have to eat is the groundbait and Marks punched bread. On his tray are groundbait, a bread punch, disgorger, and a bread slice.

So a cheap and simple days out fishing, you keep warm standing up casting, being at one with nature beside the river, nothing can beat it really?i-have-man-flu-meme



Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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