River high dirty, and cold, blank!

When I collected the casters from the farm, the car still had some frost on the roof. The guy who served me suggested I might struggle on the river today, so cold was it. But the clear sky, lack of cloud, made the day seem  pristine in some way, so I just had to go.


I picked a swim behind a large bush that trailed in the water, it formed a little run of about 10 yards that was slacker than the main flow. However, I was soon to discover it was full of snags, that took every hook link I trotted through. I’d taken the two float rods one ultra light Daiwa, the other a medium outfit Drennan, but to be fair they should have remained at home. The quiver tip gear was the way to go, but so dirty was the water, even then I would have struggled in truth. So I had a little walk upstream, to see if any spot was better to float fish. (I could see the deep muddy tracks that the recent rain storms had caused) But nothing could spoil such a wonderful clean crips day, and the world seem really good right now) Sadly nothing took my fancy and I ended up fishing right under my rod tip. It really was cold, even with all the thermals, hat, and winter boots I was only just warm enough.

The tea from the flask and cheese rolls were very welcome, and to be honest, after the flu and chest infection that stood me down for three weeks, I was just happy to be out. The 13′ Daiwa team x float rod continues to amaze me in how light and comfortable it is to hold all day, even though it is several years old now, and out of production. Was it one of the best “roach trotting rods” ever made? Well, it must be close, some people think so as they come onto E-Bay now and again, and fetch good money, even now! The unique handle and ultra slim quick tapered blank, makes for a very special trotting rod, if only a fish would bite today,  I could put it into action again? However it was not to be, and I drove home with the heater on full, my toes getting thawed out nicely.

IMG_0923IMG_0927IMG_0924I would like the air temperatures to rise a little more, as minus -5 night and +6 in the day is too cold for this old man. All my gear is set for the coming spring and those big bream. But a trip for some big chub and roach on the local river will come first, after all, I’ve two pints of casters, and a pint of hemp in the fridge? I single rod, net, flask, travel light, sounds like a plan?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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