Perfect conditions, but don’t mention the mud!

Readers must forgive me in that when I arrived today I’d discovered my camera was out of battery. Its a shame as I did manage a few nice roach on this trip, but nothing over half a pound. I think the power must have been turned on during moving it from my main bag, to the little stalking bag.


The swim was one I’d fished may times for big chub, in similar conditions. The river had that wonderful green tinge to it you only get after healthy quantities of winter rain. It looked bang on to be honest, and maybe I made an early mistake by using ground bait mixed with caster and hemp, two large balls on arrival. I wanted to see what the swim could do in ideal conditions, hoping a big roach would turn up. I’m unsure thay really exist, but with so many healthy looking smaller roach around the 4 oz to 10oz range, you have an open mind?

I started with a big stick taking 14 x No 4, but soon change to a 8 x No 4 with a small olivette as the bulk just over half way down. Then No 4 and 8 strung out to a shotless 10” hook-length. The bites when they came were positive so I stuck with the 14s hook and double caster. The position of the swim with all the recent rain, had caused the swim to become very muddy. If you imagine a small line of rushes dropping into 6′ of water, but the bank covered in mud, where you need to stand and fish. Twice I slipped and was up to my waste in cold water, but many times just slipped onto my back or knees just getting dirty. Fortunately I was wearing my neoprene waders (no choice) as I was expecting to be knee deep in water. Back home the gear was just dumped into the garage to dry, I’ve been cleaning and washing the mud of it this morning.


The day was dull, and the sun never stood out making it a perfect fishing day. I’m now having doubts about the swim producing big roach, as I stayed on until dusk trotting a lighter float along the margins feeding caster and hemp. I took several nice roach but nothing close to a pound sadly?

Next trip will be much the same, but I’ll try the Trent. Maybe with a feeder during the daytime, but feeding the margin rushes for later in the evening. There is a nice video on You-Tube My roach attack that is worth a look about big roach in the edge.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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