Getting on rivers of your choice?

One reader kindly contacted me and asked why is the blog called “River Trent Angler” when this season I’ve mostly avoided the Trent? Good question, but one they could have answered themselves with just a little thought, RAIN!

The river Trent today, February 2020

This and last season we have had an amazing amount of precipitation.  The ground is saturated and the underground aquifers full. So every times it rains, it has no place to go hence, we get flooded. Try as I might, I cannot fish the Trent when its over its banks and in the fields, so I try and go fishing some-place, question answered I hope? To be honest river fishing has been a right washout for me, and many others I gather this and last season. If you can go anytime, or are just lucky (I do have some commitments, family, bowls) then, you could catch the Trent at a time it is falling and have some cracking fishing. I’m still looking for some days before the season ends after the roach, that clearly on parts of the river are getting bigger. But it will be weather dependant, and out of my hands.

Right now everyplace is flooded, even the little commercials, I’m just being patience!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Getting on rivers of your choice?”

  1. … I’ll wait for the question why do I use the nom de peche ‘Sidestream Bob’ on Word Press then!

    Same story here on the Hants/Dorset border, when I’m both minded and free to go fishing the Stour and Avon are out of their banks. It is not just difficult fishing conditions. but down right dangerous too. Car parking is often an issue too!



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