Line review.

For some time I’ve been using Guru n-gage on my reels as a mainline. Now I know it’s supposed to be more a pole/ leader choice for many,  but as a main line it has some real advantages if you go about using it correctly?



Because it is a pre-stretched line, it’s nice and fine for waggler fishing. 5lb b/s is .15 much better that Float-fish-or Bayer that I normally use for waggler fishing, it sinks well too. Striking feels a bit sharper due to the reduced stretch, and for big roach you have that extra increase in line strength for when you might damage the line in any way, or hook a stray tench, bream?


It’s a clear line that I like over anything else, but you must be careful with knotting as all lines in this class. Do that right and you have a extremely strong main line, grinners and tucked blood all work for me. I use it for long-range bream too in with shock-leader, few manufactures do a 7lb or 5lb so they fill a niche. I will replace the pulse 6lb on my other long range outfits, when I feel its time. I’d imagine Preston Power line would be just as good as a reel line, but I’ve not tried it to be honest as an out and out reel line.

With the Guru N-Gage and Preston Power, I doubt you would have to look any further for both reel line, pole lines or tippet material. Both come in 100 meter spools and is cheap when compared to other specialist fishing lines.



Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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