Simply Blown away!


I don’t normally fish on Sundays, its often far too busy. But as I’d been felling a bit down the wife said why don’t you go today, then again on Tuesday. I need the car tomorrow for shopping, if we want to eat in the week.

Needing little persuading I made up some nice ground-bait and collected 2 pints of mixed from the farm. The groundbait was 50% Sensas river and 50% brown crumb with strawberry liquid added to water then mixed in. I took two rods, my 13′ Daiwa x and a Drennan matchpro heavy feeder, the Trent beckoned.!

The scene I beheld on arrival was staggering. The main reason I don’t go fishing at the weekend is because of the crowds, normally its so dam busy. But today, not a sole for miles, no cars in the car park and the river within the banks. But the wind (downstream) was a hooligan, it was impossible to present a float (even a waggler) and the quiver tip moved around so much in the wind, bites were impossible to recognise?

I fished about four hours, three of them picking up shot, hooks, my cap and line the wind had damaged. Even my bread slices were dumped in the river along with my seat cushion and almost my rod bag. The wind was just insane, I packed after feeing I’d been blown inside out, what can you do? Worst of all the wind was downstream, making waves on the river like the beach at Skegness in winter

Next time its like this I’ll settle for a little commercial water, fishing for silvers in a spot the wind cannot get to me. On Tuesday I’ll look at the local river and if the wind is still with us, I’ll visit a little set of lakes where it’s possible to get of the body wind!

While I need another fishing rod, like I need a whole in the head. I love my river trotting so much, I wanted an all out river trotting rod ultra light and fine rod. So I’ve currently brought a super light stick come waggler float for roach and dace fishing. It’s taken me ages looking on E-Bay and at new models, because I wanted a rod like they use to make 20 years ago, designed for match fishing and silvers. Today it’s all about rods that will do everything, hence line rating of 2lb to 8lb or 3lb to 10lb. Even on rods costing upwards of £300 they come as a do-all, not specialist. I wanted a rod I could fish very light. Example 2.6lb Bayer reel line with a 1.7lb Bayer hook link. Small hooks down to the twenties, on rivers but also the commercials where roach can grow big.

I mentioned a few posts ago just how much I like my little Daiwa, and still do, but its nearly 20 years old and while light for a 13′, I fancies something even lighter and longer 14′ being ideal for the Trent. I looked for weeks, almost buying a John Allerton with the spliced tip, a Normark Sphere, and several others. But price was one factor as well as feedback from other angler on various forums, they all like different actions, handles and models.

Finally I settled on another Drennan, but this time the Acolyte Ultra 14′ three piece. It had overwhelming support form almost everyone that had one, along with some very serious roach anglers I admire. It was also offered for sale new, but at a discounted price, try getting that on a Trip-cast, or Normark? The rod also weighs 2oz less than my old Daiwa Team X. Paired with my other Acolyte Plus, I’ve got the rivers covered for all my float fishing work.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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