A much better day, despite more wind!


Even thought the wind was 40 mph plus, I found the little commercial lake open, the owners having done a huge amount of work to make it fish-able again. You may recall my last trip during the heavy rains and my mentioning it was flooded, the fish scattered around the trees and bushes that surround the lakes? I’d gone there as the Trent was un-fishable too. The owners and his staff had cleared all the local ditches in the area, to help with excess water, the result the lakes at almost normal levels. The banks were sodden, and muddy, but I still found a place to sit, so not getting all the kit too dirty. Nothing worse than having to clean the gear next day after a trip.

Todays start was much the same, I’d wanted to fish the River Trent as the season is coming to an end soon. But it was raging through, too heavy for float fishing, I could have fished a feeder but, na! So today the lakes were a second thought, but open thank heavens. Only one other person was fishing, I’m sure due to the boldly gale blowing again.

I tried a waggler that would be too heavy for the venue normally, but the tow on the water was incredible. Fishing with the wind at my back, large waves were going away from me, with the float coming right back under my bank until it reached a small ledge, where it stopped. I had a short 11′ ultra-fine float rod 3000 reel loaded with 3.6lb bayer the waggler taking around 4 AAA. Each time the float stopped I’d get a take from a good roach, or F1.


It was really crazy good fishing to be honest, despite the difficultly strong wind causes when casting, baiting up and just stopping everything blowing in the water. So close was the float to the rod tip, I’d have to let line out to hand -line the smaller fish. A whip would have been ideal to be honest, but thinking about it what type of float could I have used in the gale?


See the little black tip of the waggler just to the left of the rod tip?

I started with groundbait, a 50% 50% mix of River mixed with brown crumb. It seemed the roach loved it, those lean mangy mouthed roach of summer had gone, replaced with bars of silver, perfection in every way. Most of the fish were between 6oz and 10oz,  the carp 2lb a piece.  One, a stunning little mirror that any day would be a prize, dazzled in the broken sunshine. It was not a cold day, maybe 10c, but the noise from the wind made everything surreal, and more intense. I ended the four hour session with maybe two dozen roach, and several small carp, all taken on maggots, float fished with groundbait.

I so fancy a river trip, but unless the Trents gets itself in some kind of form I may just miss out. The commercials are ok when all else is underwater, but I do love the river fishing first and foremost!

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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