A brighter day!

So today I visited another little commercial that’s been on my radar for some time. Just thirty minutes from home, and a nice quick drive, now people are self-isolating?

The little lake has an island in the middle about a 15/20 meter chuck, I started about a meter short with the idea of creeping up to the ledge as the session went on and the fish backed off. On arrival I meet one guy with two carp rods set up, 12′ jobs casting towards the island with big leads. It was freezing cold up his end, and all the fish were in the sunshine around the other side basking in the growing warmth, but people don’t like to walk do they?


Cracking roach well over a pound, taken on maggots.

It was 9am and the  sun was coming out, getting warmer by the minute. I could see some nice fish over by the island, but couldn’t see what they were. They looked like roach, but too big for roach, not bream either, the shape was all wrong. I set up a 12 gram maggot feeder, that took maybe 10 maggots. It took a dozen casts before the tip gave any movement, then I missed it.!! But as the morning wore on, I swapped and changed with a very small 12 gram groundbait feeder and maggots on the hook, I started to catch a few fish. First, a nice little chub around a pound, then a cracking roach over a pound, then another chub of 3lb and a wonderful little red eyed tench of 2lb.   The new 11′ rod a Tri-Cast Excellence, was amazing, the little light one ounce tip showing every movement. But playing every fish with full confidence, not once did I feel the light hook-links were in any danger. The odd F1 and a few more little silvers came along, as the sun got high in the sky.


Hard fighting tench about 2lb.

Now those feeders I used may have sounded very light, but they are supposed to be. I cannot see any reason for using big leads on little commercials like these. I learnt this fishing the A1 pits in 2018 when I was stalking the place (and catching well) with little 1/2 and 2/3 ounce inline leads. They go in softly and are enough to hook any fish if the hooks are sharp and the hook-link short. Two more carp guys arrived and both fished big leads.  The splash was like a Labrador hitting the water.

I packed up around four, as the coffee was gone, and it was getting cool, as it does at this time of year. Only one of the chaps had caught a fish, a small carp about four pounds. I noticed too, how two of the carp guys put so much bait in for early spring. You need to be fishing for one fish at a time this time of year, then once caught try for another. It’s not about numbers now, just getting a bite, one fish at a time. I may have used a quarter pint of ground-bait and the same for maggots., and I had eight fish?


3lb Chub that gave a good fight on the light feeder rod.

I really enjoyed today, and the big roach made me think about next winter, November, December time, when those carp are all asleep?

On arrival home I’d discovered that my fishing would be curtailed for some time, due to the deadly virus. Keep safe all you followers. I won’t be fishing until its safe, having beaten cancer I’m sure we can all beat this. Best wishes, Richard.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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