Back to the little lake!

Boy it’s been an awful time for everyone with this C/Virus, but now we can fish again, I’m sure many of us will regain our sanity and settle back into nature. Because its nature we all find so intoxicating I’d guess, and that is what we truly miss in our lives when we cannot fish? But we must all stay as safe as we can, so keep your distance everyone!

Reel Review.

I’ve too many reels to be honest, so buying another makes little sense. But I’ve always wanted an old school Mitchell match, I’ve two old Mitchell 300s, but the 400a with the automatic bail arm and quicker speed, is the one I wanted for trotting on the River Trent. The line lay on these reels (shallow spools) is exceptional for such an old reel, and the speed more than acceptable even in these modern times. The spool size is between the 3000 size and 3500, loaded with 3lb line you just get 100 meters to play with. I brought mine oddly not on E-Bay UK but from an American seller on E-Bay, the reel is mint. Made in 1981 you would think by its condition, it was made yesterday. There is no paint loss, and the workings are excellent. This guy does something to the auto bail arm in the restoration that makes it perform better, it’s certainly very smooth and precise. With the River season not far away, it will get some good use when I’m stick float fishing.

I’m fishing tomorrow, so will feedback on how it all goes. Keep well all of you.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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