Is fishing a matter of life or death?



In the last few weeks not being able to fish has been a torment for many.  If like me your life has revolved around fishing since childhood, it must seem extreme to “normal people” (non fishing types) so I’ll do my best to explain. Fishing has been in my life through good and bad times. Divorce, home moves, job moves, losses and love ones. Death, births and critical illness, it’s been the one constant I can always fall back on, I know it, and feel in my own way, I have it down, I’m good at it.

When I go fishing I relax, I don’t just mean physically, but mentally too. I enter a world of peace and tranquillity were the stillness of nature envelops me, stress floats away  like a feather in the wind. I take time to see things, like the Mother Moorhen with three young chicks I saw yesterday. She would leave them unattended for a little while, while making high pitched tweeting noises to keep in touch. Then she would return after a while and all four would huddle around talking, as if catching up on what Mums been doing while away from home.

Or the three Red Kites that were circling the lakes, I guessed parents and a chick, but it could easy have been two males and a female? They circled so high disappearing eventually in the clouds.  The common wildlife songs from Wren, Blackbird and Robins sound much louder with no buildings to dampen their music.

After a few hours fishing your mind returns to its normal self, its like a timer goes off in the head to re-set your brain. The closest thing I can guess fishing can be related too is religion, or being a football fan, were emotions over-take you and endorphins are released into the body making you feel a kind of high. My wife says she feels I’m happier, and more relaxed, after a days fishing, and it’s true.


A small clear river close to home where you can almost guarantee solitude.

When I’m going fishing I’m full of hope in what’s ahead. I always look forward to being alone with nature, catching a big or big bags of fish, Roach in winter and Tench, Bream in summer. I’m sure looking forward to something is good for your sole, for one person it could be a concert of their favorite singer or group, or the big derby match in the city.  You’re uplifted and have that extra spring in your step, and those little nagging stressful worries melt away.  I’m a fisherman, and always will be, that God.

The Tench and Bream campaign starts next week, I’ll fill you in as I go. Stay safe and stay distant.


Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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