Big carp fishing made easy!

I want to tell you about a trip I had last week to a big carp commercial lake, where the fish run to almost 20lb. I did manage a few modest fish to maybe 6lb, but opposite me were two young lads (well young to me 30s maybe) and they were hauling big carp out, like they were roach fishing. They must have had a dozen big carp (all doubles) each in maybe 4/5 hours fishing.  When I packed up I walked around (keeping my social distance) and asked them exactly how they were catching so many big fish. They so very kindly stopped fishing and explained in detail just what they were doing.

Both were using 8 meter poles, with strong elastic, fishing right in the margins with pellets, 4 mm and 8 mm on the hook. By right in the margins, I mean, I could see the fishes tales as they moved around the edge looking for food. They even offered me a try, but what with the conditions we have right now, I declined. I was so grateful for the advice. What a difference between Match carp men, and so called specimen carp men that hide in green tents and snarl at you when you pass or say hello?

Anyway, its made me look at poles in more detail, just for this specialist type of carp margin fishing on commercials. At first I thought of buying a really short pole, maybe 4.5 5 meters. But after spending full day on the net looking, I decided on a 8.5 meter, not too long (28 feet) but big enough to sneak down a margin far enough away to give the carp a feeling of security.


Now I know nothing about poles, I’ve never been at all interested to be honest however, I see there merits after watching those match lads doing the do! I could use a long rod maybe my 15′ Daiwa barbel rod, but the pole offers more options. Plus I’ve just sold a few rods off and had the spare money, The pole I brought was under £200, so not one of those thousands of pound jobs you do see about.

Then I had to find out about the elastics you use for such fishing? There are hollows, solids, hybrids, duel core, boy the mind boggles. I watched a few You-Tube clips and choose a Matrix Hybrid slick in 16-18 and 18-20, the former suggested by a known angler on the Tube saying the later could be a bit too much for a novice, I’m grateful for that help. These match scene guys do seem more welcoming than the background I’m from, thank heavens for that?

You-Tube offers so much advice on Pole fishing, you would have to buy a hundred books to get such information. Plus watching allows you to stop and rewind when required. Right from setting up, to how to get the most from a swim. Feeding, pole cups, elastics, pellets, playing fish, floats, I could go on. You can learn so, so much in a few hours, then save them and watch again.


Once the pole and bits arrive Ill feedback on any fishing trips with the pole. I’ve had a few trips and have taken a few nice bags 20lb of silvers from Eye Kettleby Lakes. I’m also still making the odd float in my spare time. All being well I’ll have a trip today to a little place I know, keep well all.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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