Summer carp.

So today I ended up back at Hallcroft lake’s fishing Bridge pool. Matches on Moat and another made the place rather busy, but I did find a nice spot not too close to another angler. I had to put up with one guy and his pal talking bollocks about Brexit, the Conservative party, and the C/Virus. Why do people have to shout while fishing to their pal in the next swim, don’t they know sound carries?

The swim I chose was really too deep for what I had in mind, a nice bit of margin fishing. I would have liked under three feet, but this one was about four. It meant I could not see fish coming and going, so feeding was difficult, and in hindsight I possibly over-feed from the start. But I’m new to this type of fishing so I will learn. I had two poles with me, once a short 4.5 meter with 14-16 elastic, and another 8.5 meters with 16-18, I caught on both today.

I only had three carp and two silver bream, but the carp were a nice size. One just under 12lb another 10lb and a stunning almost fully scaled one about 6/7lb. All were caught very close in, on worm and pellet 8mm. I feed soaked pellet, that was 2mm left to go to mush, with some Almond Goo added to the mix.

I had the sun on me all day, and next time I will find a swim with some shade, as it makes you very tired just sitting still. Bridge has a lot of carp in it, they were swimming around all the time I was there. Dozens of big carp 5/6lb to doubles. I’m told match-man Lee Kerry has had a genuine 20lb fish from Bridge? The Yellow elastic (the lighter of the two) seemed perfect for the size of fish I was catching? I’m still unsure when to use the puller bung, but tried it a few times and nothing broke! So must have done something right on the day.

I had the car brakes done this week, discs and shoes £300, nothing cheap these days is there? Now the water pump has packed up on the window washer and that’s another £90+. The part is under £30, so it shows the cost of a man’s time in a garage now days?

I’m looking forward to a trip to my local commercial now I have the poles sorted, should be fun. I’m also learning not to start too soon in summer, as the fish feed best from 2pm onward to dusk. Then its in the margins you will find them. Passing another birthday this month, I’m finding a lay in in the morning suits me fine. Mrs B is always up by 7am, making tea and coming back to bed with the lazy old bitch Day May. She too is getting on and also enjoys her mornings lie in with Dad and Mum, after her breakfast. Once I’m back on the river I will give her some trips with me, as she loves a day out on the Trent.

Catch up soon guys.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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