The leaning curve.

I’ve fallen in love with margin fishing for big carp, its just gotten its hooks in me and I’m enjoying my fishing more than ever. On a good day, overcast and light rain the fish will visit the margins all day. On bright days it’s more towards the late afternoon or early evening, 3 pm and later?

Great place for margin fishing, all those lilies, and big carp.

I’ve gone through a series of lost fish recently, but have decided its not me but the way I’ve been feeding the fish in the margins. Several have been foul hooked and knocked my confidence so much I changed the elastic to another. The Guy in my local shop convinced me that the Matrix Slik I’m using, has too much stretch in it. We did a little test and he was right, spot on really. An experienced angler would probably get on better with it, but I’m a novice don’t forget? So I’ve made a change to Daiwa Hydro a well know, older brand but with a bit less stretch in it, its hollow to, we will see?

Feeding the margins

If you go back just a few years ground-bait was all the rage to use.

Margin fishing 2013.

But today many of the top anglers would just feed a heavy particle bait to stop the fish blowing the bait all over the swim. They also bait away from the margins by maybe two feet, and fish behind it. Feed now is 6mm 8mm pellet and corn, with maybe hemp to see keep the fish grubbing about. But now groundbait unless the fish don’t respond to the particle approach. Fishing a float behind the feed stops a lot of foul hooking, something none of us want.

Margin fishing is demanding and rewarding. It possible to catch a dozen fish in a sitting, if you get the feeding just right. Ideally you want just one or two carp in the swim and feeding kept to a minimum, but we all go overboard when things slow down, we put too much bait in, then the problems can start. Fish all over the swim, but you cannot catch them, or you foul hook them. You have to think one fish at a time, the old Steve Ringer video is old school. Now it’s a little and often, one fish at a time.

The learning curve of pole fishing for bug carp.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “The leaning curve.”

  1. For decades my motto has been that my near bank is someone else’s far bank! So without your level of successes my starting point is invariably the margins!

    Interesting point about ground bait, I need to think on about that.



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