No two days are the same!

On the Monday I fished Bridge again. There is no doubt this lake has some very big fish resining in it, 20lb+ at least with many back up doubles. The swim I picked was at the far end of Bridge, but parking behind the peg. It was busy as Moat and Croft had matches on them. But i did think the swim was decent one, as I found some hard gravel 6 meters out and in the margins too. I now carry a 4oz sea lead with grippers to run over the margins, taking out anything that may snag on the fish. It takes a second, does no damage, but helps keep the bottom clear and the carp safe I feel?

Margin swims are not all the same it seems.

It was about 20 degrees cooler than last week (30 deg) and you needed a jacket, just. Once set up I couldn’t help notice some 20 pegs down to my left fish rolling in the strong wind some 8 to 10 meters off the bank. In hindsight I should have moved, but in my defence I also has the wind on me so thought the swim was a goer. Sadly I was wrong, and while fish after fish leaped, I sat fish-less?

Sat at home after just 3 carp for my full days effort, I got to thinking that those carp were feeding in a tow caused by the wind hitting the bank and pushing back any food items some way into the lake. Because the wind was not as direct on my end, the tow did not occur. But as mentioned in my last post, I’m learning all the time, and Wednesday came around.

Nice coloured ghost koi type carp.

Today one of the guys in the shop told me about a match the day before, and how a lot of fish had formed at the bottom end of Moat. I did not need another lesson as the wind was in my face, I set up a bomb rod to fish short. The 11” Tri-cast was loaded with 8lb line with a 6lb hook link. I feed 10 x 8 ml pellets, followed by about 15 x 4/6 mms. I had to wait about 10 minutes before the line bites started. Then the rod almost pulled off the rest with a nice double common being landed. I continued in the vain until mid-day when the bites suddenly stopped. I’d taken eleven carp, most around 6lb 8lb but with two doubles.

Mirror image.

Now its that hindsight again, but this was the time for the pellet waggler, as the fish had clearly come up in the water, despite my irregular feeding patten. But the waggler rod was at home (@£$!&%*) So I sat fish-less until around 4pm when I took two more fish from the margins. It’s clear too, some margin swims are better than others, I’ll have to work on understanding why. Possibly I feed the margins too early, as I caught four bream out of the peg. Maybe the feed is gone before the carp come in, or maybe they spread the food too far over the area?

But thirteen fish in a day at Hallcroft, is still my best effort. It’s getting clearer what and how to do things, but the enjoyment is the drug. Just to see we can all do stupid things, on Monday I broke the tip off my new pole top kit? Another one is £40 so not worth having it repaired really?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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