Understanding commercials.

I know a good number of carp anglers read my blog, and not just those that fish commercials, I’m eternally grateful to you all. I’d like to explain to those folk why I changed from what many call “proper carp fishing” to fishing holes in the ground full of ugly looking carp?

And that’s just half of the lake you can see?

Actually it came about a few years ago, when my own carp fishing was going through a very difficult time. I was fishing for some very big carp in a local lake that were not playing ball. I’d gone most of the season not catching, and it was having a negative effect on my mind. So I simply had a try at a local commercial and caught a load of carp, 44 fish in a session to about 8lb on a little light Avon style rod. It was just fun really simple fun, it made me feel good after so long not catching. I still continued my other carp fishing, but called into the little commercial near home from them to time. All the commercials I fish have two things in common. They are attractive, in beautiful places, and full of fish, I don’t fish those featureless holes in the ground. One place I fish is very large, several acres in fact and has lots of swims on non match days.

Whats not to like about this place then?

Is the fishing easy, yes, but not in a way you may think, honest. You can go and catch fish most days, but getting the best out of them demands a different set of skills, just like those needed on A1 pits, another place I’ve often fished. Some-one like me may catch five-ten fish in a session, but a real good experienced match angler would catch twice that amount, why, it demands a skill set.

One thing I have found critical is, finding where the fish are feeding on a given time of day. You will not catch fishing on the bottom if the fish are mid-water and vice-vesa. That applies to all carp fishing, but on commercials it seems more critical to me. You may catch a few fish near the bottom, but many more if you get the depth exact, a bit like zig fishing really. Feeding is also critical, get that right and you can double the catch. And those that think the often caught carp are not cute, trust me they can be very cute. Because the fish get caught so often, they know a hook and rig and can be very fussy and finicky when feeding.

Lastly I’m getting old now, and simply cannot waste my life not catching fish. I’ve not got Terry Hearn’s skills or time to spare waiting for maybe twenty bites a season. So I hope all those guys that decry my type of carp fishing, understand a bit better and accept even commercial carp deserve more respect.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Understanding commercials.”

  1. I think I wittered on in a recent post about fishing being a broad church and that there is room for many different approaches. Who can say who is right and who is wrong?



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