Weather and summer carp!

So I’ve had a few trips since I last posted, but they were somewhat of an anticlimax. I put it down to very changeable weather, that being cooler, and much less sunshine than the previous weeks.

A small commercial close to my home.

The last week found me on Moat twice, both times with the wind in my face and both times it was raining steady all day. I thought the carp would be mostly in the bottom layers, or even feeding on bottom baits. But I noticed they were also on top many times. This fooled me and I wasted a bit of time on the bomb, when maybe I should have been fishing a waggler. Evenings found me in the margins, but the carp failed to appear in any numbers.

I’m very unsure what I should do down the edge in truth. Baiting up makes sense, but if only one or two fish show they can feed without you knowing much about it? Then they can bugger off, you need a lot of fish in the margins to get them less cautious, so they feed with confidence. I’ve tried several approaches and have come to no firm conclusions. I think you’re best to feed something maybe groundbait, with a few large items. Then top up if the fish show, that way you have the attraction without overfeeding. But truly I think it’s all down to the right conditions for the fish to come in the edge, hot day, sultry evenings are best. Rain and they seem to be all over the place?

So I had a few fish, but no big catches. I’ve also lost a few fish, I’ve concluded they are foul hooked fish, why you may ask do I think that? Well, it only occurs in the margins when you’re in relatively shallow water. The float and line pings back after a time, I’ve witnessed this with other anglers and it seems quite common when fishing shallow. One chap opposite me last night lost two like this, and another guy I spoke to last week also suffered such pull outs. So it seems margin fishing can be fraught with problems, some you can mitigate by careful feeding.

I’m hoping for some hot weather for next week. I’d like to try some open water shallow fishing with the pole, and get the pellet hybrid feeder going on days its not obvious what the carp want. It seems it works well for many that simply cast out any place and catch carp, all sizes. Strangely I’ve caught a lot of bream in the margins when the carp haven’t shown. As many as eight fish, all bronze bream but small, maybe 3lb max. Anyone that fishes for bream know the margin is not a place you expect to catch bream?

Proper carping, ha,! ha!.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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